"Light for the Sun" (California boulders, 24k gold) Installation view, Outpost Projects, Joshua Tree, CA 2016

About Light for the Sun:
Light for the Sun is a multi-phase conceptual project that is meant to be a gesture of atonement or reparation from mankind to the natural world.  In 1842, gold was discovered in California and the area changed forever.  The abundance of a single natural resource is responsible for California as we know it. Today, the lack of another natural resource, water, lies at the heart of all conversations about the future of California. But living in a land prone to drought, under the growing shadow of global climate change, the problems of the environment are too big, too impossible and intimidating for any single individual to act on. As artist-in-residence at Whiskeytown National Park, I attempted to correct this by adding gold leaf to stones that I found in the area, my way of returning gold to California.  In the video, I document my attempt to replace the gold in a creek near Whiskeytown lake. Even today, gold panners can be found in the creeks and rivers in this area.

"Light for the Sun" HD video, 2:38, Shasta-Whiskeytown National Park, 2015

Light for the Sun 2015, California boulders, 24k gold

Photo courtesy of Kio Griffith

Light for the Sun (installation view) 2015, California boulders, 24k gold